The Last Boy Scout
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Jim Dingilian proves that a creative and skillful artist can create works of art with just about anything. By coating the interior of empty glass bottles with black smoke and then carefully brushing it away with tools mounted on dowels, he creates detailed and beautiful but dark works of smoke art that are dripping with a sense of suburban decay (via Bored Panda).

are you shitting me

I am both impressed and angry at their level of skill

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Alvaro Amici - Fiori Trasteverini




A Chinese middle school history teacher draws a world map on blackboard in min

Io potrei al massimo riuscire a disegnare il Colorado (ma neanche, perché le linee sono troppo dritte)

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GIFs Of Metal Slugs Perfect, Intricate Pixel Art

Just look at these. Ah! Mwah! (Kissing noises, copious drooling.) The shading is so perfectly done and the images are so dynamic, appearing to breathe and pulsate in even the smallest parts of the design. And who doesn’t get a thrill from robot crabs, reanimated brain robots, and giant, tamed eel monsters? Metal Slug: you were one of the best, babe.

Source: Imgur user aphatmc and Metal Slug on Wikipedia

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A Wooden simulation of a water droplet as it impacts a body of water.


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There is a man who, due to auto-brewery syndrome, will get drunk from eating bread


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At the groceries store



Me: can u give me x²+4y+ of tomatoes & 2(x²+8xy^3) of potatoes please

Seller: I dont understand

Me: well i dont give a fuck i didnt study in vain

those are polynomials you asked for a neverending curve of tomatoes

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